Sunday, March 27, 2011

Story of Tiffany's Homemade Sweets & Savouries

It was all started with the arrival of my beautiful daughter Tiffany, back in July 1995...she was so precious to me and I would like to make something special to mark her arrival as a baby announcement. My sister Lauren, created a hand painted card that match with the nursery theme and I thought that a basket of bunny chocolate to match it will do a great goodie bag.

That time, not so many people are doing moulded chocolate, so I had to hunt for the moulds from Germany and asked my Friend Dieter Speer's assistance and guidance to do it, which he gladly showed me how...not to mentioned some valuable tips from the Lembaga Culiner Indonesia's friends like Haryanto & Koko tips as was all about a good friendship & teamwork at that time, to have this moulded chocolate finally done...neatly packed in the plastic box which was still so hard to get at that time and arranged in a pandan tikar bag which I got from Pasar my surprise, everybody was so happy to received one and some of our friends did actually ordered the same thing for their new born baby. From than on, I started receiving orders for my chocolate and decided to develop it further...

Doing pastries is always my passion...I started attending pastry course since I was a 6th grader. My mom always sent me to a pastry class on my school holidays and till now, I keep doing it if time is permitting. Staff at the bakery were sent to classes on regular basis, so they too...can improve their skills & follow the growing world of pastry. What we are doing now is not only merely chocolates...we do a lot of other things too like breads, cupcakes, pies, macarons, ice cream and many more....please contact us to pick & order your choices.. We only use the best quality ingrediants for our product and only the perfect products will be delivered from our kitchen to you....

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